Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews

Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews

Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews | Great cabinets at remarkable prices

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The first question one could ask herself/himself is: Do I really need a sewing cabinet? Well, I guess since you came to this site, the answer is probably: yes.

Honestly, you can do all the work you need to do without one, if you are very well organized, have plenty of space in your work room, enough plastic boxes and holders, drawers, shelf space… But assembling and organizing all that is a tedious work, and what’s even worse, it’s keeping you away from the actual thing that you want to do: work and create.

Protect you sewing machine

Sewing machine cabinets protect your machine in more than one way: all the dust and dirt will be kept away and your machine will be protected from the accidental damage. On the other side, if you have small kids, the cabinet will also protect them by keeping all the sharp and dangerous items like scissors and needles out of their reach.

Your own, well organized, work area

All the sewing machine cabinets offer large area that you can use to prepare your material, cut different shapes or simply put down other tools you might be using. They contain drawers where you can organize your scissors, measuring tapes and spare needles. Oftentimes there will be a part for storing the fabric you’re using in the process. Another very useful part of many cabinets are thread holders.  They help have all the threads of different colors and sizes in one place, always arranged the way you left them. Just think of all the times you were looking for a particular color but it’s nowhere to be found. There’s no need to go through heaps of boxes looking for a right thread, just to find them entangled and waste 15 minutes untangling everything.

Work from anywhere you want

By anywhere we don’t mean that you’ll want to travel and bring your sewing machine with you, but you could do that with a little effort 😉 What we wanted to say is that most of the cabinets have wheels that allow you to find the perfect place in your house where you want to work. If, for example, the area you’re in has a lot of distractions, you can easily take your “work space” with you to another cozy place and continue with work.

There are sewing machine cabinets for everyone

The size, shape and the design of the cabinet you plan to buy will largely depend on couple of factors:

  • first off, how big your sewing machine is
  • how often do you plan to use the machine
  • how big the room/space where you’ll be sewing is
  • how much space you want to leave in the room after you finished your work
  • and last but not least how much money do you plan to spend

All these factors, and many others, limit you regarding the size and the design of the sewing machine cabinet you want to get. The size of your sewing machine is an obvious one. How often do you plan to use the sewing machine affects your cabinet choice in a way that if sewing is just a hobby to you and you’ll be working on the machine probably no more than twice a week, than you probably need a smaller cabinet. If you plan on using the machine on a daily basis, that you probably need more space for fabric, threads and tools. In that case you would probably go for something bigger, with more compartments, that will take more space.

Buy good quality

Regardless of the factors mentioned above, when buy sewing machine cabinets we must always make sure that we buy the best quality for the money. That means that a cabinet must be made out of sturdy materials, that can take the weight of the machine, fabric and ourselves when we lean onto it. Good quality, sturdy cabinets are usually made out of oak, pine or engineered woods. If it’s combined with metal construction, even better. Beware of cheap cabinets. Even if it seems to you that initially you’ll save a few bucks, in the long run (or not so long, only after a year or so) these cheap cabinets will show their weaknesses. Manufacturers can afford to create cheap cabinets by saving on material (using low quality wood), using weak joints, bad quality of plastic and finishing touches.

Sewing machine cabinets are exposed to a large number of things that can make them fall apart. Things like shaking, moving around (if it has wheels), leaning against it can make its construction weak and will affect the usage of the cabinet. Because of all this reasons we must find cabinets that are made of high-quality woods, with good joints.

Take a look around

On the following pages you will be able to find reviews of different sewing machine cabinets and we hope that they will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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