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Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews

Sauder Craft Armoire Review

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Sauder Craft Armoire

Sauder Craft Armoire

This cabinet is very compact work surface and storage place all in one. The dimensions are 61.63″ H x 35.13″ W x 60.38″ D. For those of you who love the look of wooden knobs and louvered panels on doors this cabinet is exactly what you were looking for.

Sauder Craft Armoire is made out of laminated engineered wood and is very sturdy. It looks and feels solid for the most part, but there are couple of things that we would like to mention. This cabinet has 6 shelves that can be easily adjusted and the smaller shelves and backboard look weak and as if they were made out of cheap wood. We didn’t experience any problems with them, but we would be little bit carefull when using small shelves.

On the other side, finishing touches are great: lower slide-out shelf has metal runners and safety stops, the doors are on a 270-degree hinges allowing you to swing them almost all the way to the outside of the cabinet. The desk that extends gives lot more room to work on. Elecrical outlets are embedded in the cabinet as well. One nice feature are adjustable feet allowing you to position your sewing cabinet on any surface, no matter how uneven it is.

If this is your first time buying sewing machine cabinet, we must tell you that this item has to be assembled before you use it. But don’t panic. The instructions are written very well and it is pretty easy to follow. All the parts and pieces were there and were labeled clearly. It took us around 2 hours to assemble the armoire .

Although there are some details that prevent this cabinet from being perfect, we must say that we are extremely satisfied with it.
There aren’t much cabinets on the market that can be found for this price. Add the number of functions that Sauder added to their Craft Armoire and you get very good sewing cabinet that will help you organize all your work in one place and enjoy it in years to come. You can buy your armoire on Amazon.


Written by John

May 9, 2011 at 2:58 pm

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