Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews

Sewing Machine Cabinets Reviews

Wallaby Sewing Machine Cabinet review

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Wallaby Sewing Machine Cabinet

Kangaroo Kabinets - Wallaby Sewing Machine Cabinet

Kangaroo kabinets emerged as a partnership between Arrow Sewing Cabinets that existed since 1943 and Horn of Australia. Arrow is the exclusive distributor of the Kangaroo Kabinet line in North America. Horn of Australia is a privately held company operating in Adelaide, Australia since 1980. Arrow is also a privately held company operating in Elkhorn, WI since 1943.
Kangaroo Kabinet line range from Joey, Wallaby, Kangaroo and Dingo to Aussie. Wallaby sewing machine cabinet, which we are reviewing today, is the smallest cabinet from their line of products (besides Joey, which is storage unit, not a sewing cabinet anyway). But even though it’s small, it has a lot of features in it.

This unit is 39-1/2 inches wide, 19-1/4 inches deep and 29-1/2 inch high when it is closed. When open it has 64-1/2 inches of width and is 42-1/2 inches deep, when quilt leaf is out. It comes in two colors, teak and beech. It can fit machines up to 19 inches wide and 9-5/8 inches deep. Be aware that you will need to order custom insert for your sewing machine. The price is $79.99.

Wallaby sewing machine cabinet is shipped in 3 cartons via UPS. If you are buying a sewing machine cabinet for the first time, we need to tell you that this item has to be assembled before you can work on it. But don’t worry. The instructions are written very well and they are pretty easy to use. You will need a screwdriver, adjustable wrench and hammer for this task. Even with this great instructions, it can take you couple of hours to assemble this cabinet. So we would advise you that, when it arrives, you call at least one more person to help you assemble it, it will be much more easier for you. In order to easier assemble the airlift, make sure to watch the following videos:

Adjusting the airlift mechanism

Alternative airlift adjustment steps

Wallaby sewing machine cabinet has three position airlift for your sewing machine. Space to the left of the cabinet can be used for serger, felting machine or another machine. On the back of the cabinet is the quilt leaf that you can fold up or down. This leaf is very useful when working with large pieces of fabric or quilts because it will prevent them from falling on the floor. You can also use it to store some lightweight items. There is a large drawer on the left, where you can keep all your accessories well organized and at hand. If that is not enough, this cabinet offers trays on the door and shelf for even more storage space.

Another great feature of the cabinet are locking hinged doors. When you finish sewing you can easily lock the cabinet by turning the key. That way all possibly dangerous items like scissors and needles are kept far away from childrens reach.

Wallaby sewing machine cabinet is heavy and sturdy. It feels like it can take a lot of abuse during its lifetime. It might seem a bit pricey, but when we look at all the features it is definitely worth the extra cost. You can buy your wallaby on Amazon.


Written by John

May 10, 2011 at 11:49 am

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